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Teen Star Links:

The revived Star Galaxy
The Young Stars Links Page
Bob's Young Actors of the World
Teen Celebs Plus 
Lost in the Stars 
Bullamanka Site
Young Male Stars 
Teen Oasis 
Shirtless Teen Idols
Mudpuppy's Celebrity Index
BoyFanPage - die zweite Seite
CelebLink - your link to the stars
Young Male Moviestars

Omri Katz on the World Wide Web:

Erin's Omri Katz Page
Omri Gallery at "Teen Celebs Plus"
Bob's Young Actors Omri Gallery
The Omri Katz Fan Club
Staroasis Omri Katz Page
Idle Hearts Omri Katz Gallery
Omri Katz - Marshall Teller
Omri Links at "Fansites"
Omri Links at "Young Actors and Choristers
Omri Katz at "StarSite"

Other Links for Omri:

The Anakin Skywalker voting poll
The Eerie Indiana Episode Guide

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