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Hart's Teen Star Scans

Audience Participation


Hi folks,

this is the "Audience Participation" part of "Hart's Teen Star Scans".







"Audience Participation" what does it mean ???

It means that all you girls and guys out there can make this page a whole lot better.

You can achieve this, if you take a little time and tell me what you think is good or bad on the site.

If you'd like to contribute pix to the site - don't falter !!!

Send your comments, critics and pix to: or


To make it more interesting, I'll offer you a reward for sending pix.

If you send a pix of your favourite celeb or any other celeb I will send you the large version of

one of the pix above (just send the number).


And yes... they are all FAKES... but THEY ARE worth sending a little mail with a pic.