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Betrayal In Antara Cheats

Chapter 1

  1. There is a mountain pass on the south side of the road between Midova and Imazi. The pass leads to a chest and some buried stuff near a lake guarded by lizards.
  2. On the road northwest of Imazi are some Senaedrin Sisters. Give them 24 food rations so that they can get to Aspreza in time to save the town from the plague. If the sisters are on time, you will get a reward in that the tinker that repairs armor and swords for a fixed fee will survive the plague. If you do not help the sisters, the tinker will die and you will not be able to repair the good armor you find.
  3. Talk to farmer Burnia in Balmestri. Then talk to Lord Garson in Imazi. Then talk to every one in the inn at Sortiga. Then find the witch in the sparse forest near Sortiga, just north of town and south of the impassable forest. Get the handkerchief. Go back to Lord Garson and show him the handkerchief. Go talk to Farmer Burnia.
  4. After retrieving the Burnia farm deed, you will need to cure the haunted fields. Go to the temple of Henna in a mountain pass to the south of Ligano and get blessed for 125b. Go back and pull the Staff of Nightmares out of the ground in the center of the back field. Enter the mine and kill the three groups of three bad guys. Watch out for the three mages, they can really be tough. Empty all the chests, and ferry out the loot. Tallk to Farmer Burnia about his new gold mine.
  5. In Sortiga, they are upset about a wedding. Go find the rings on the beach to the southeast of town. Return the rings to the best man and everything will be nice.


Chapter 2

  1. -You will find a damaged Montari armor in the Montari caves. There is a tinker in Aspreza who will repair it for 250 gold (a real bargain).
  2. You need a bucket to solve a riddle in Melay, all the way on the west side of the map. The only bucket is sold in Briala. Buy the bucket sometime during chapter one and two and stash it in a chest near the pass in the mountains that goes west Between Panizo and Midova.
  3. You need to get Chailian tea from Peerless Importers in Midova. Talk about everything. Talk to Antoni bank (City Financiers) about everything. Talk about everything to the Currier at Greener Pasture Inn. Antoni Bank will ask you to collect the debt of Enduki, who is found on the road between Sortiga and Ligano. Enduki will give you the dowsing rod quest.
  4. Take Enduki's dowsing rod an find Chee in the Montari Caves, located in the east-west mountain range to the north of the east-west road between Sortiga and Balmestri (east of the intersection with the road going north to Ligano). Directly behind Chee is a passage that goes down to the small stream at the end of the passage. Click the divining rod on the stream (Click on the divining rod in inventory until a box show up around it, then click on the hand icon, then click on the stream).
  5. The Beast of Cardone. Just to the northwest of town along the tree line is a Grrrff, an intelligent-sentient, civilized, tool-using animal, who is hurt. Mix the Nudberry root with a food package and you will get food with a sedative to calm the savage beast. Click the Nudberry food package on the beast and he will talk to you and reveal his message. The problems with the town will go away. Later in Chapter 3, this information is needed for another Grrrff. Talk to everyone in town about the beast to see the level of histeria in Cardone.
  6. Waterfork: Cure the sick child by mixing ale with Fidali leaves. Get the paper from the chest where Finch the Mage is to the northwest of Midova, click the paper on the front door of the House of Marnia Contuso.
  7. Chapter 2 ends when you talk to mage Finch about watching his larvae. When he gives you a yes or no decision to watch the larvae while he trains Aren, say yes. After Finch trains Aren you can go to Ticoro, if not the two guys will not let you over the bridge to get to Ticoro.


Chapter 3

  1. Get all your business done before going to the Royal Consort's Hotel. Pick up all your inventory, sell everything you got in battle.
  2. Chapter 3 ends after you get thrown out of the Royal Consort's Hotel, try to get back in and you are denied admittance, and then you return to your hotel. Once you click on the desk clerk's head the cinematic starts.

Chapter 4

  1. If you leave the amulet with Kaelyn, don't worry, when you get to Simon he will tell you where to find a new one.
  2. Talk to Makey first thing. Mackey, the traveling weapons merchant, is the guy in the middle of the road when you first start the chapter to your east. After talking head toward Isten. On the way, talk to Naomi in the conservatory.
  3. You can go east from Varnasse and go around the via Bakril or you can simply go to Kores' Landing and get to Istan that way. If you go via Bakril you will find two guys blocking the bridge at Midova. There are four mercinaries blocking the bridge on the way to Isten. You don't need to fight them go north along the stream to the second bridge Just north of this bridge you will see the Canyon north to get to Istan.
  4. You must go to Isten to hear Maria Liana at the ampitheatre. Problem, is to get a pass, you have to find a chest that has been stolen by thieves to get the tickets or keep gambling with fellow at the inn--eventually he will offer to give you tickets for his loss back. The chest with the tickets are in one of the smaller, bead-lock chests to the southeast of Isten. You start off with 2 beads like blue and yellow or something. Exchange both (one at a time), You get a black bead and some other colors. Change the other. colors(whatever the color scheme is to get black beads) and your done. It's only 3 beads exchanges.
  5. Take Naomi's has you spread nutrients on Naomi's Cousin Naol's house in Elona. Once done return and Naomi will increase your magic skills.
  6. Talk to Naomi, who wants you to plant some nudberry seedlings in a field with some holes she has dug. Leave from her house and head TO Tocoro, walk halfway between the woods and the road on your left hand side. You will see three holes that look VERY out of place. They are kinda spread out so look carefully. The woman gives you a dervish disk,which is pretty good for such a minor job.
  7. You will find a Grrlf Bow at about 75% in a chest on a side road to the west on the road just north of the intersection of the roads to Teal and Isten, north of Korus Landing pass. Bees wax will not do much but you can repair the bow with a new bowstring.
  8. The Shepards fight much faster than we do.
  9. Kaelyn is not in Grandeur nor is there a message from her. Kaelyn does not appear in ch 4. She and Raal are the characters you run in ch 5.
  10. I went to the ampitheatre and spoke to the actress. She told me about that Simon Liana, her son, was in Durst, but when I went to there, there was no one in the temple that said anything about Simon. I'll tell you the key is getting a blessing at temple in Durst--then check out the congregation. There is a girl in the pew,right next to the priest (wait until your cursor becomes a head). Go to durst, there is a blone chick (who's face looks like kaylns...) in the temple...she will tell you that he has been reassigned. She will tell you to talk to the hand outside Ticoro (he'll be waiting for you). The Hand will tell you where Simon was reassigned to.
  11. Simon will tell you where to find his Shepherd's bracelet when you find him. Simon says that he buried his Shepherd's medalion in garden in the back of his house. No need for a shovel just double left click on the garden. You do not need a shovel so that players can get te medallion without having a shovel in inventory.
  12. The Shepherds' hideout is to the northeast of Ticoro.
  13. The Sheperds HQ can be opened by the by right clicking the medalion on the door to the headquarters. The medalion will blow up to a larger size. When you right click on the right of the medallion it turns counter clockwise and when you right click on the left side of the amulet it turns clockwise, after clicking it on the door lock. After using the combination right click one time on the cave door then right click on the medalion and use it on the dias. Look carefully at the sheperd and what he is holding. The R, L, R you can read on the medalion is important...The procedure should be self explanatory. The medallion is like the knob of a "Master Lock", click on the right side of the medallion to turn right, the left side to turn left. The combination is printed on the Shepard's Staff. Clicking on the left side of the medallion makes it turn counter clockwise.
  14. I am trying to solve a minor quest in Chp. 4. I got the "Red" key from the old Lady, used the key to find the Wooden statue, took it back to the Man who had his ancestor tree chopped down. He told me to go north of his house bury the statue by the stump of his tree.
  15. To get out of the Shepherds' cave, you have to get the glass tube from the puzzle chest elsewhere in the cave. Then put the glass tube on top of the candle next to the mosaic.This will show you which buttons to press.